artist | producer | engineer


Rates vary from 'per hour' or 'per track' and package deals are available upon request for larger projects. Exclusive beats can range from $100 - $500 depending on complexity and will be tailored to your specifications upon request. Most vocal features (rap and singing) are $500. Ask about recording and custom project package deals.

$40 / hr


Affordable digital mastering consists of premium quality plug-ins, experienced ears, and 2 free revisions per track. Songs are mastered on Focal Alpha 65 speakers with top-of-the-line Universal Audio, Waves, and FabFilter analogue modelling plug-ins. Make your track stand out with true attention to detail and accurate monitoring references.

$50 / song


14+ years experience in Jazz, Rock, and Hip-Hop drumming; live and studio, both of electronic acoustic proficiency. Theory, technique, and performance coaching included throughout music lessons upon request.

$50 / hour


9+ years experience in night clubs, weddings, and corporate events. Custom playlists and live requests are included. Equipment rentals vary for each venue.

$50 / hr

One (1) song mix* includes:

Nova Records’ Studio Time + Mix Fee

Up to 2 revisions

Full Delivery of all Mixed Stems

Printed final Mixes for Mastering

(24 bit resolution)


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