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Photo: Isaac Wray

Photo: Isaac Wray

Nova, a.k.a. Justin Boissonnault (25), known as BOISSINOVA is an indie rap producer, engineer and performer from Kelowna, B.C. With countless styles of jazz and hardcore drumming engrained into his musical background from the age of 11, he is taking on the stages in Toronto, ON. BOISSINOVA has received many awards for his musical accomplishments such as the SOCAN TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator Award, Artsco Award, Most-Improved Musician, and Best Rhythm Section Performer for jazz drumming. Mentored by the famous Miles Foxx Hill (Michael Bublé & Van Morrison), his sonic skillset is built on studio proficiency. With 12+ years experience in jazz performance, 8+ years working as a DJ, and 4 years working in professional recording studios, BOISSINOVA will take on any musical challenge ahead of him. 

As of recently, BOISSINOVA has finished his fourth full-length album, “Soft Boy.” All tracks are independently written, produced, and performed by himself and have been mixed by industry heavy-weights such as Miles Foxx Hill Jon Vez with the exception of instrumental collaboration. Through the completion of multiple albums, Nova has truly dedicated thousands of dedicated hours to his craft.

BOISSINOVA developed as an artist / engineer and songwriter under the private collaboration of Miles Foxx Hill at Frequency Forward Studios in Port Moody, British Columbia. The majority of his recording on “Floor Plan” was proceeded at The Sound House in Langley to consummate the birth of "Floor Plan." This 10-song album released in 2016 and has been followed by 3 other full-length projects mixed and mastered by BOISSINOVA himself.

He also has mixed and mastered projects for TRAPP XL, SHELDONCOLE, JNZN, CAM THIESSEN, YM MEECHIÉ, CLINT OKUN, and continued to work with local artists in helping them accomplish their vision with additional production, songwriting, mixing and mastering - start to finish.

Currently, BOISSINOVA is accepting new pitches for musical projects involving producing, session drumming, and live performances at venues in Canada. He is operating out of a local home studio to keep budgets affordable as well as recording out of Easy Life Studios with Jim Anderson (Moby, Massive Attack, Andrew Schepps). Watch out for his releases on Canada’s music scene in the near future.